Mastering the Art of Opinion Writing

About 4Context

Mastering the Art of Opinion Writing

To make a difference, thought leaders must cut through the swirl of white noise that envelops the national discussion. That is why 4Context is key. It empowers experts to write opinion pieces that resonate across the public debate and impact the agenda.

4Context provides guidance, workshops and consultation for writing a persuasive opinion article. Our aim is to help university faculty, think tank scholars, foundation grantees and thought leaders make their voices heard. 

More than politics and public affairs, experts' commentary topics might include economics, science, law, race relations, the arts, health care or popular culture. In each field, 4Context will help public intellectuals signal their engagement and advance their ideas. There is no better advertisement for an institution.

Allison Silver, Journalist and Editor

I am a journalist with extensive experience as the top editor of leading commentary sections:

  • Executive Editor of Opinion,
  • Opinion Editor, Politico

  • Opinion Editor, The Los Angeles Times

  • Articles Editor, The New York Times Sunday Review

  • Consultant, NBC News THINK


I was there when the public debate began to migrate from print to the web. In fact, I was an early adopter.

Before working at Politico, I developed an interactive op-ed page and was founding editor of a pioneering webpaper, The Washington Independent. There, I managed a staff of 9 reporters as well as a robust commentary section. Our traffic reached 1 million page views within 10 months. From hands-on experience, I know how the internet has transformed opinion writing.

I have commissioned and edited thousands of commentary pieces. 

I know, first-hand, that op-ed editors receive dozens of submissions each week. I can help you shape pieces so that they stand out from the rest. I've also taught a course in journalism at Bard College. 

In Addition:
My novel, Lulu in Babylon, a tale of Hollywood present and past, was published by Marmont Lane Books in 2016.

Taschen re-issued the book I co-wrote, 20th Century Travel (2010), which shows how Americans transformed the metabolism of travel during the 20th century. Our wanderlust made each decade of travel faster, easier, and more democratized (er, cheaper).