Does Mitch McConnell Knit Together My Bifurcated Life?

I commissioned and edited a piece from the Senate majority leader while consulting with NBC News Digital on THINK, its new opinion vertical. His canny piece about why the Senate Democrats needed to back the GOP tax plan posted on the site's first day.

Meanwhile, my absolutely favorite sweater features a McConnell quote. (It's from my pal Rachelle Hrushka MacPherson's cool cashmere line: Lingua Franca) McConnell said it to explain why he chastised Senator Elizabeth Warren for being out of order. During the Senate fight over Jeff Sessions appointment as U.S. attorney general, Warren read aloud a letter from Coretta Scott King -- even after McConnell demanded she stop.

"Nevertheless," McConnell said, "she persisted."

This could apply to just about every woman I know -- and oh so many I don't!