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Red State Power Play

The GOP's Territorial Tribalism



Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson are pretty much the gold standard when it comes to astute assessment of U.S. social programs and politics. Hacker, for example, helped set the terms of the health care debate long before the Obamacare battles devolved into hand-to-hand combat.



They have a swell NYTimes op-ed piece on why the Republicans' 

proposed tax plans could prove a double whammy for too many Americans.



It’s more than plutocrats and the merely wealthy getting tax cuts while the middle class gets slammed. It’s “Robbing Blue States to Pay Red.”



Blue America, where the bulk of the diverse New America lives, also “holds many of the keys to our nation’s economic future,” as Hacker & Pierson point out.



Now, these blue states are to be penalized for trying to make government work for their residents.